What is Drupal?

Drupal is an open–source CMS software, which is the system behind a lot of web sites and web applications, including a few of the largest web sites on–line for example – Economist.com and WhiteHouse.gov. It’s maintained by international community of more than 500,000 clients and designers who regularly add completely new revisions and integrate the most evolved technologies on the web.

You can utilize Drupal to make just about any site – a small blog, discussion board, a media web site, an e–shop, etc. On account of the large number of available add–on modules and preconfigured themes for feature–rich web sites, you will find a good grounds for jump–starting your site.

Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert and is not connected with 360 Sports Tech.

Drupal–Optimized Cloud Website Hosting Packages Services

By employing our Drupal cloud website hosting packages service, you will have your web site or web app installed on the web within just minutes. All you have to do is pick Drupal from the web app drop–down menu on the order form and we shall set up your Drupal copy the moment we put together your account. Therefore you can begin working on your site immediately after you log in.

Each individual Drupal cloud website hosting packages package offers a number of service guarantees that make sure of the trouble–free functioning of your web sites. We shall set up your Drupal account 100% free and will back it up with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Moreover, with 360 Sports Tech’s 30–day money–back guarantee, you can easily request your money back if you aren’t fulfilled.

A Point & Click Hosting Control Panel

Apart from 360 Sports Tech’s extraordinary cloud website hosting platform, we have additionally produced a customized Hosting Control Panel that is available with all of our Drupal cloud website hosting packages packages. It’s created to live in the cloud and also to interact exclusively with our cloud website hosting packages platform. This will make it considerably quicker and a lot more reliable in comparison to other control panels.

Another advantage of the Hosting Control Panel is the fact it enables you to control everything from one location. You can supervise your web site, immediately switch to make a couple of alterations for your domain name, and afterwards review your billing – all from inside the same control panel, only a click away. No requirement for supplemental billing or domain panels and no need for you to try to remember several passwords.